SEO results in an increase in the traffic of prospects on your website. We ensure that see an increase in quality prospects that will allow you to convert the maximum number of visitors into new customers. In order to get these results we sit down with you and talk, to find out what you target audience is. What are their pre-purchase habits on search engines? Where is your primary and secondary competition positioned? And finally, we provide a study of your internet market, free of charge.
From there, we can agree on an SEO strategy that best meets your needs and we have a clear idea of wht we should expect as results. Being positioned at the top of the search engines is crucial and is the primary objective, since this is what will attract new customers to your website. When you opt for a SEO strategy with our agency you are taking the decision to invest in your company’s future.

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You are an SME and want to optimize your presence on the search engines to increase your income and your profits? At we speak the same language as you. We talk about customers and about return on investment. In a world dominated more and more by the web, a presence on the internet is a must to make yourself known or to remain competitive.


Many web agencies make the mistake of offering SEO formulas without having the tools and the expertise to do the job. Whether it be in black or in white when you include a CyberPublicity SEO in your strategy, you ensure that you meet all your customer needs effectively and safely. Moreover, speaking of our "performance based" formula it will be easier to sell your services!


Because you are a large company you are not automatically guaranteed excellent positioning, therefore it is essential to do business with a team of SEO specialists in order to remain competitive in a market where e-commerce plays a more and more important role. In being positioned in the forefront means you won’t leave all those new customers to your competitors!